Our Services

Baxter Professional Services can help you win your case.

As a nurse practitioner and legal nurse consultant, I have over 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry. A seasoned professional who actively engages in keeping up with the ever-changing healthcare trends and standards of care.

How We Help You

You don’t have to struggle to organize the medical record in a logical fashion thereby reducing your level of frustration.

You don’t have to spend hours looking up medical procedures and practices or researching the standards of care therefore allowing you spend your valuable time on more pressing issues with the case.

Taking the guess work out of finding the key elements of the case related to the medical/nursing opinions and standards of care.

Reduce the hassle of wandering when you will receive your analysis. Rush services are available. 

An expert who maintains clinical practice and is actively engaged in keeping up with the healthcare trends. Standards of care may change as new science is published and keeping abreast of new guidelines helps to keep your practice sharp and fresh.

We Make It Convenient

Reducing the hassle, frustration, and burden of analyzing and summarizing medical records while providing an accurate, comprehensive assessment in a timely fashion is our unwavering promise to you! We want you to feel that you are working with seasoned professional who not only maintains a clinical practice but is actively engaged in keeping up with the healthcare trends.

We recognize that standards of care may change as new science is published. Keeping abreast of new guidelines to help ensure winning your case is at the heart of everything we do.  Through our innovative seven step process, you will not have to worry about me as an expert witness, giving you an accurate, honest and thorough assessment. What’s more, you are assured of receiving: